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How Chiropractic Massage Differs From Regular Massage

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Chiropractic massage therapy and regular massage share some similarities but are different in many factors too. Both can be traced to have roots in ancient Chinese and Greek cultures. Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician had mentioned both regular massage and chiropractic massage therapy in his writings. In essence, both treatments promote your body's ability to heal even without medical assistance and surgery. Both also emphasize holistic bodily care with the least medical intervention. However, chiropractic massage therapy and regular massage differ in actual practice.

Massaging Style and Approach

Regular massage typically focuses on the manipulation of soft tissues whereas chiropractic massage therapy involves neuroskeletal care. With massaging style and approach towards therapy directed towards soft tissues, regular massage result to improved blood circulation, relaxation of senses, stimulation of the nervous system, and tissue healing. On the other hand, chiropractors emphasize spinal manipulation resulting in proper alignment of the bones and joints.

Purpose of the Treatment

Chiropractic massage therapy and regular massage also differ in purpose. Chiropractic care with massage aims to alleviate pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back, and legs. Chiropractors believe that pain in these parts results from malfunctions in the spinal column. Regular massage aims for relaxation and better blood circulation. Regular massage practitioners believe that pain and any discomfort in the body result from ineffective flow fluids, energy, and blood circulation all throughout the body.

Application of the Treatment

Chiropractic massage therapy and regular massage also differ in application. Chiropractic care and its emphasis on neuroskeletal health make it a good option when dealing with chronic shoulder, neck, lower back, and leg pains. It is best applied in case of a slipped disc, pinched sciatic nerve, or chronically aching joints. This is why chiropractic massage therapy is usually applied to treat arthritis. On the other hand, if the pain or discomfort is resulted by muscle pain or stiffness, a regular massage should be applied. An application of regular massage should regulate the flow of fluids, blood, and energy to avoid the buildup of pain-causing lactic acids. With its ability to elicit relaxation, regular massage is also applied to ease anxiety, depression, and pregnancy.

Chiropractic massage therapy and regular massage are two good treatments that anyone can benefit from. However, you need to realize their differences in terms of style, purpose, and application to choose which one best fits your needs and current condition. Nonetheless, some people enjoy the benefits of both treatments as each one has different target areas that are beneficial for holistic body care.