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Concerned About Hearing Your Body Pop During An Adjustment? Here Are Some Solutions

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If you have aches and pains but have been hesitant to book your first chiropractic session, it might be because you feel anxious about hearing your joints pop or crack as the chiropractor adjusts them. While some people know that this sound and its associated feeling of pressure being released is brief, others are nervous about going through the procedure. For example, if you cringe at the sound of someone cracking his or her knuckles, you might feel uneasy about chiropractic adjustments. Don't let this fear keep you from seeing this health practitioner for relief of your pain. Here are three solutions that you can use.

Wear Ear Buds

A simple way to get around the nervousness you may feel when you hear your body's joints pop or crack during a chiropractic adjustment is to wear ear buds. The average chiropractor won't have a problem with you doing so, and while you'll need to occasionally pause your music during the appointment so that you can answer questions and provide feedback on how your body feels, you can turn up the volume during the adjustment itself. In fact, the chiropractor can even tell you when he or she is about to adjust your body.

Exhale At The Right Time

You may find that when you exhale, you have trouble hearing sounds around you. In the case of many chiropractic adjustments, a loud exhalation at the right time can mask the sound of the pop or crack that you worry might make you feel uneasy. To take this approach, you'll need to share your idea with the chiropractor. This way, he or she can tell you when you need to inhale — which will just be a moment before the adjustment occurs — so that you can then exhale loudly at the right time.

Have The Chiropractor Surprise You

For some people, it's better to simply be surprised by something that feels a little concerning instead of know that it's coming. If this idea describes you, make sure that you share it with your chiropractor. You can then ask for the chiropractor to complete the adjustments without warning you in advance. Generally, a chiropractor will tell you when he or she is about to adjust one of your joints, but this doesn't always have to be the case. If you don't know the pop is coming, you might feel more at ease during the appointment.

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